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UFPeptides provides custom peptides to customers worldwide, including researchers at universities and pharmaceutical companies. Based on the knowledge that has been accumulated by founders over many years of academic research on the synthesis and purification of peptide, pseudopeptide and non peptide molecules we can help the customers in the design of the desired molecules with optimal solutions.

Fmoc chemistry and triflouroacetic acid cleavage are employed for peptide syntheses. Crude peptides are purified by preparative HPLC using reverse phase C18 columns and the purity grade (90-95%) checked by analytical HPLC and mass spec.
We can provide peptides with coded and non coded amino acids, cyclic peptide (disulfide bond), peptide with modified peptide bond and labelled peptide with biotin and fluorescein.

Determination of pharmacological profile of new substances with standard biological tests in vitro and in vivo available in UFPeptides laboratories.
Setting up of new in vivo and in vitro pharmacological test for determination of pharmacological profile of new substances; planning and realization of target validation studies.

Integrated development of drug design and target validation studies.
This type of projects can be performed by
UFPeptides either as full service contract or in partnership with a distinct pharmaceutical industry.
The development of such projects will be extremely facilitated by the close collaboration between
UFPeptides chemists and pharmacologists; this will increase the success possibilities reducing at the same time the working time / single project.



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