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Laboratory UFPeptides srl
UFPeptides Scientific Directors Domenico Regoli and Severo Salvadori work in the peptide chemistry and GPCR receptor pharmacology fields respectively since > 20 years; during their academic career they have successfully complete a huge number of research project in collaboration with pharmaceutical industries.
The Head of peptide chemistry Dr. Remo Guerrini and the Head of peptide pharmacology Dr. Girolamo Calò may count on a > 10

years experience in the field of peptide synthesis and planning and realization of in vivo and in vitro pharmacological tests for characterization of biological active substances.
This management team coordinate the research projects, the human resources, and is in charge of fund raising activities.
Dr. Anna Rizzi is the CEO of UFPeptides and will be in charge of every operative activity with the support of an Office Manager who has been recently employed.
Two technicians have been employed during 2006 in med chem and pharmacol laboratories. For legal and patent issues the use of external collaborators is planned.



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