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Laboratory UFPeptides srl
UFPeptides s.r.l. was founded as a spin off of the University of Ferrara in June 2003 by Severo Salvadori and Domenico Regoli (Scientific Directors), Remo Guerrini (Head of Peptide Chemistry) and Girolamo Calò (President and Head of Peptide Pharmacology).
UFPeptides will base its drug discovery activities on the knowledge that has been accumulated by founders over many years of academic research on the mechanisms of GPCR / peptide ligand interactions.

In fact, the founders have discovered several original molecules (i.e. a large variety of ligands for the nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptor, the opioid receptors, the kinin and neurokinin receptors, the urotensin-II receptor) that now are used in all research laboratories of the world that work in these specific fields.
The company is based in the modern Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry laboratories of the Department of Pharmaceutical Science and the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine – Section of Pharmacology of the University of Ferrara.



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